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I have a new entry that is quite impressive.....FRANK ROZIC harvested this fine example of a (16) point buck at a place called "Witch Hazle", near Adena/Smithfield, OHIO........see photo's at the bottom of this page. !!!! ......We hope your hunting seasons were safe and productive. Log in now and then to see what's new.....this page updated as information arrives.

Mike Beatty poses with his 39-point buck he killed with a compound bow on Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2000, in Greene County, Ohio. The deer's antlers measured more than 291 inches which if stands will be a state and world record. (AP Photo/The Ohio Department of Natural Resources Division of Wildlife)
Justin Meese from Urichsville stands proud of his first (7 point buck).
The buck was harvested while hunting with his favorite partner Chuck Meese.
Justin passed his Hunter Education Class in 1999 with flying colors and was excited about getting to go hunting. Congratulations from your Instructors Rick Duill, Bill Walton, Butch Crabtree & Mark Anderson for a job well done! Please ask Chuck if he will send us a picture of that legendary "Sassafras Buck"?
Hunter Education Instructor Rick Duill holds up a nice (9) point buck harvested
in the Adena, Ohio area last year.
Harvested during

I was hunting alone. I also believe in the law of averages, if you see enough deer, sooner or later you will have the big one come by. I have been hunting since jr high. I'm now 26. This is the biggest deer I have ever shot with bow or gun. My son and I both use compound bows, no sights and hunt from the ground. The scary thing is we have one bigger than this one running does in the feild not 200 yards from our house. He will be a tuff one. I only see him at night or at 5:00 am in the morning. This buck in the pictures was shot as he was turning away from me. If he had not turned, I would have shot him threw the chest. He grunted all the way in. I think he thought I was a deer. I guess the priceless picture would read $50 used bear bow that's 14 years old, 2117 grandslam easton arrow with 125 grain Muzzy broad head, 9 point trophy buck in one shot. PRICELESS.
See ya, Bill Warne
Chris Basich with 7-Point buck taken in 2001. Adena, Ohio Jefferson County, killed with a knight muzzleloader, over 130 yards away. ...GOOD SHOT CHRIS !!!
Brian Martin takes a nice 9 -Point buck in Adena, Ohio area in Harrison County. Deer was shot over 200 yds. away with a Remington 870, it was hit in the lungs and ran about 300 yds were it dropped.
This nice (12 point) was harvested by Hunter Education Instructor RICK DUILL while hunting on the Moore farm near adena, Ohio. Two shots well placed in the neck stopped the Big Buck in its tracks. The buck dressed out at 203 pounds.
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Howard Snyder hunted most of the week before this (8) point buck decided to jump onto the front of his new truck while traveling the Harrisville/Adena road. From the looks of the damage to the truck, we would guess that buck is worth about a $1,000.00
Mike "DEVO" Veronis bagged this nice, well balanced (8) point buck near Adena with one shot from about 150 yards out. The buck was laying in cover with the fresh snow as a backdrop.
Our man John bagged this buck on the Moore farm near Adena.
Chris Basich holds up this nice (8) pointer harvested from the family property near Adena during the 2002 deer gun season. Chris prefers to use the Night Muzzleloader.
Jay Duill harvested a nice buck. We'll post the story as soon as he gets it to me!!
Perry shot this bragging size 10 point buck during the 2002 season. We are waiting on the story for this one too!
My cousin Ed Gura bagged this nice 10 pointer
on Dec 5th with one shot through the shoulder.
My cousin Gin bagged this nice
10 point with a crossbow. This is not her first one either. Gin usually brings home the venison every year! Her husband Jim hasn't sent any pictures of his buck yet.
Young Tommy Cominsky Jr did a fine job harvesting this (7) point buck. After downing the deer Tommy filled out his tag, unloaded his firearm, like his Hunter Education Instructor taught him to do. Just ask the fellow that borrowed Tommy's firearm a little while later. He'll verify it was unloaded!
Joe Marco beside Tommy and Tommy's Dad in the background telling more stories!
These fellows got their bucks during gun season but haven't gotten the pictures to me yet. We are working on that and hope to have them posted soon.
Joe Marco--------10 point
Scott Russell--------8 point
Tom Cominsky Jr.-------7 point
Young Tommy got a....7 point
Don Sempkowski------7 point & a Doe
Dave Case of Medina bagged this deer at the Adena Hunting & Fishing Club.
Denny Busch of Bridgeport bagged this deer at the Adena Hunting & Fishing Club.
Jim Taylor of Medina bagged one of these deer at the Adena Hunting & Fishing Club.
Richard Bomboris bagged one of these deer at the Adena Hunting & Fishing Club.
It's easy to see the awesome size of this buck using the tailgate as comparison and how far the rack extends beyond the ears!! The next photo shows Frank holding the buck.
Frank emailed me and this is what he said: "Well my friend it is official I had the deer scored by the gentleman who is a official scorer" The deer scored 174 and 6/8 which means that it qualify for the record book with "Buckeye Big Buck Club" and also for "Boone and Crockett" "Buckmasters" system is a little different but they scored it at 161 and 6/8 and then when they add the spread it scores 185 and 6/8 so it also qualify for their record books.

Hey Ya'll, got some nice buck pictures! They are being posted as they come in. ....The New 2003 page will be online any day !....

WANTED good BUCK pictures for 2003 season.
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